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I've been out a couple of times now and I am getting pain in my feet. It's almost like a cramping sensation. At first I just thought my shoes were too tight but I'm not losing feeling etc, just cramping.

Any ideas?

On a tangent, I've just dicovered the hard way that my ass isn't ready for 2 days on the bike in a row. Ouchie! :evil:


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    Are your shoe cleats sitting under the ball of your foot? If they are too far back/forward, nasty things can happen...
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    I had this problem when I first got SPDs so maybe ths helps...

    http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtop ... highlight=
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    Essex man you're an absolute gentleman. Cheers mate
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    Essex man you're an absolute gentleman. Cheers mate


    Im just waiting to be well enough to get out and try my new bike with the new shoes and spd pedals I bought, so this link was very helpful!!
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    Are the inserts in your cycling shoes different to your everyday shoes? A lot of cycling shoes have 'arch supports', your feet maybe complaining about that :(