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Chain breaking on a ride

3110neil3110neil Posts: 303
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Just a quick one ,if your chain breaks on a ride can you use 2 powerlimks ,in one chain and keep it like that or buy a new chain ,cheers


  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Does it work?

    If so keep riding.
  • Matt NMatt N Posts: 160
    the only thing you have to watch is if you chain gets too short you may put too much pressure on the rear deraleir, two should be fine though, you might like to change it if you get anymore. your chain shouldn't break this much though, its probably becuase your whole drivetrain is wearing you might think about changing it
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  • RichMTBRichMTB Posts: 599
    2 links is fine, one of my bikes has been running a chain with two powerlinks for 6 months, no issues
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    If the chain is farly new then no problems. If it's an older chain I'd bin it when I get home.

    If you lose one or more of the inner plates when it busts then when you rejoin it with the powerlink it will be shorter. Fine for getting you home if you avoid extreme gear combinations that have the chain running at an angle between the sprockets. if it is shortened bin and buy a new one.

    Two other points, new chain may also show up cassette and chain ring wear (chain suck or skipping on a properly set drivetrain would indicate this) so you'll need to replace the worn sprockets and or cassette. The other thing to consider is what were you doing when the chain snapped. For example if you were in an extreme gear combo try and change your riding style so you don't use them in future, otherwise the same thing will happen again.
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