Bike Flight Bags

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I am looking to buy a bike flight bag.I only want to pay about £100. or so.Has any one any ideas.
I have found these any thoughts.? ... elID=15325 ... elID=23169


  • hopper1
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    I bought your middle option about 5 years ago.
    I used it quite a bit to carry my MTB between UK & Spain. Never had any issues, still looks brand new.
    Enough space in it to carry my full sus MTB, all necessary tools (inc. Track Pump), all cycling kit, too. Easyjet never gave me any grief :wink:
    I would however get a cardboard bike box (from LBS), and put it inside the bag. It may need a little cutomising, but will make the bag fairly rigid and much safer for your pride and joy.
    Also get the plastic spacers for your front & rear drop-outs (LBS for free), to stop your frame getting squeezed out of shape :shock:
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • ascurrell
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    they all look decent bags, when I use mine I scrounge a bike box from Halfords [cardboard] . The frame is fitted inside with some strategically placed bubblewrap, pipe lagging and / or polystyrene.
    Belts and braces are outlook is best.
    Another guy recommended to me not to add too much more weight with various items.
    The reason being that they would more likely tend to throw a heavier awkward package around, I thought that was a fair comment.
    Hope this is of some help, Scurry
  • GregC
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    JE James have some in at the moment ,I think I paid about £80 ,separate wheel bags inside ,padded .You'll still need to pad the delicate bits ,derailleur ,carbon parts though.
  • tomsdad
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    Thanks for all your help.
    One thing I forgot to mention was my bike is an xxl focus cayo (I'm rather tall 6'6") Would fitting the bike in be a problem?
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    +1 on lining it with a cardboard bike box. My bike bag came off the carousel with a puncture hole in it from some sharp object. However, the cardboard liner prevented any damage to the frame.
    Btw, some airlines have introduced weight limits for bike bags. Ryanair is 20kg I believe, not sure about Easyjet.
  • Mister W
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    I'd say don't bother with the one on wheels. It's not that hard to carry and the wheels are at risk of being ripped off. Also, put the bike in upside down. Then it's less likely to be rested on the fork, chainwheel or rear dropouts.
  • hopper1
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    The wheels on the CRC bag is fine, they're set into the bag.
    Can be difficult to carry, if you really load it up, like I used to! :shock:
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • tomsdad
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    thanks for imfomation i'm still trying to make sure my bike will fit in the crc keep postings coming
  • tomsdad
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    any one have any thoughts on these .bit more expensive weight about 8kgs but looks like it will last and protect .