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Does anyone know of framebuilders who can knock up an XXJumbo sized frame. The rider in question (not me) is looking at Specialized Allez grades of bike but nothing fits his 6'7" bod.
He is not looking for exotic materials or artisan lugwork or special paintjob, just a usable roadbike that fits well , behaves well and at an affordable price.


  • XACD in China could knock up a Titanium frame custom built for about £400 inc. delivery
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    Bob Jackson sell stock frames at about £400; I don't think there's a big premium for bespoke. Alternatively, young new framebuilders might be prepared to make something for less than normal money: he could ask Feather Cycles, say.

    The market for bespoke frames is almost entirely populated by people who covet high-quality, low volume, individual design, however — customers and builders.
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    Try Bob Jackson or Brian Rourke
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