Use a Mirror for Training anyone?

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I have been thinking of getting a mirror to save me creeking my neck esp in the cold. And for last minute pothole avoidance it would be nice to now if there was a car close by me. I now it's not very racey but does anyone use them?

What kind should I get if any? I would like it to be discreetish too.

Was looking at the Bike eye anyone got one?


  • I would recommend ALL riders get a mirror. More useful than a bell.

    I used to do a lot of riding in my youth but hadn't done anything for over 10 years, until last summer. The roads / traffic have changed a lot since then - and I live in a fairly quiet rural area.

    In that missing 10 + years I had taken to using a moped / scooter - including taking a full bike test in the last two years. The use of mirrors whilst on two wheels was therefore automatic, combined with that usual look around anyway for the blind spots. I therefore missed them on my return to cycling.

    I have used both bar end and a Zefal similar to the Bike Eye. The bar end gives a better result, but gets in the way during storage etc - and breaks when you come off on black ice !!!
    The Zefal style was needed as the new C2W bike is fitted with trekking / butterfly bars.

    The Bike Eye looks larger than the Zefal. And looking through the leg works, but is not as good as the bar end view (based on my experience of flat bar types - not drop bar). Its downfall is when you are carrying any luggage (if you have rack and panniers). These can obscure the view. Also if you wear baggy waterproofs on the wetter days.

    If you have the luxury of a specialist with different types in stock I would try them out. That also includes the helmet mounts. Otherwise I would say to buy more than one. You are looking at them for convenience. Instead consider them as safety products.

    You won't look back (pardon the obvious) when you get a mirror.
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    Thanks UKScooby, I think I will try the Bike eye 1st, I have heard that the Zefal Covert Mirror is a bit too convex and you end up just seeing yourself rather than what is behind you.

    I do like the look of these rear view camera/recorder/computer though, Maybe a bit ott for what I do though :D