Can Chris Evans fill the shoes of Terry Wogan ???

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After 27 years service to BBC 2 radio, Terry has now called it a day. His replacement is Chris Evans. Do you think Evans can fill the shoes of Wogan? Personally, I'm not so sure.


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    No he's a wanker ain't he?
  • nicensleazy
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    No he's a wanker ain't he?

  • I've nothing against ginger as a hair colour or as a spice, but Chris Evans has a ginger voice, and that's unforgivable. It's simply wrong.
  • I doubt he'll fill TW's shoes but if nothing else, it'll be interesting. I'm a ginger :twisted: and he's an annoying.

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    Thank God he's gone from Drive Time and I don't have to suffer his childish drivel any longer. Apparently he increased the audience after taking over from Johnnie Walker. I'd have thought that most twelve year olds would have been too busy doing their homework to listen to the radio at that time.
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    I really, really hope he fails (personal reasons/can't say/can't afford the law suit).
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    pointles question. wogans gone. :o
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    Mornings just don't seem the same without Wogan and the Togs.

    I need a fix of Janet & John :twisted:
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    Liked Terry's 'tween record banter. Liked Roger Royal chats. Never heard him play a decent tune though....Dana, The Carpenters etc wasn't really my bag!
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    Dont care as I never listen to wogan :wink:
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    Depends what he needs to fill them with.

  • Glad that Wogan's gone, anyone would have been an approvement!
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    alfablue wrote:
    I really, really hope he fails (personal reasons/can't say/can't afford the law suit).

    Go on, spill the beans, we won't say! :lol:
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  • Love him or loathe him at least Wogan was a sort of middle ground between Molyes and John Humphrys. I've only been listening to Wogan for a couple of years but this week I've found myself flicking between channels looking for some bearable to listen to on the way into work.

    What is to become of Janet and John?

    I wonder if Terry reads this forum :wink:
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  • shane515
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    What is to become of Janet and John?

    I wonder if Terry reads this forum :wink:


    going to miss Janet and John on the drive to work (but got the new cd for chrimbo :wink: )

    Hopefully the Togg Miester reads this forum, he is a keen cyclist isn't he :wink:
  • Harry B
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    Wogan was effing awful. I used to turn the radio off/over as soon as he came on. I really couldn't stand his wittering on about a load of useless crap.

    Anyone would have been an improvement!
  • attica
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    I'm still missing Phill Jupitus
    Keavney is awful
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  • I like Chris evans. discovering him on radio 2 saved me from Scott Mills. Now he's in the morning I won't be listening to Moyles any more - No More N-Dubz! And Simon Mayo is OK.

    Ken Bruce is awful though!
  • dilemna
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    Many years a go my Nan was selling poppies on Victoria main line station.

    Who should roll along the platform but Terry Wogan full of himself with a few similar broadcasting types in tow. My Nan was standing right by the end of the carriage that Wogan happened to want to board. My Nan looked at him and Wogan looked back at her, then said rather hurriedly "Sorry love I haven't got change for a tenner!" and got on the train!!!!

    After that meeting the name Wogan was never mentioned in my Nan's house or in our family except to relate this story.

    I think the most important thing in Wogan's life is Wogan. The few times I happened to hear his radio show he was talking about ....... himself :( .

    Would Chris Evans want to fill Wogan's old slippers? Why would he, surely he would want to plough his own furrow?
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  • I moved away from Radio one years ago because of Newsbeat, Chappers and the terrible NDubz (mentioned above) etc type crap they play (I'm getting old!!)

    ...I think Wogan was truely awful - I can't believe he was popular! I just don't believe the listener figures they claim. ...thank god he's gone now! - we just have to wait for Steve Wright's BIG Show to go now" the show Steve!" - give me a break!

    I think Chris Evans is pretty good!

    Radio 2 needs a bit more Mark Radcliffe!
  • Gazzaputt
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    Chris Evans is a great Radio DJ. His drivetime show on radio 2 was brilliant.

    I hope he succeeds with moving to the breakfast show.
  • Do you think Evans can fill the shoes of Wogan?

    Provided they're concrete wellies I say we give it a go
  • passout
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    I prefer Evans myself (more interesting things to say & better ideas) but Terry had a very claming voice & a lot more charm.
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  • Attica wrote:
    I'm still missing Phill Jupitus
    Keavney is awful


    Keaveney started ok but he's gone way off the boil. I'm on XFM or Rock radio now I can't abide the smugness that is Nicky Campbell and Chris Moyles neeeds D locking to a fat humourless pulp.

    I'm willing to give Chris Evans a go, I quite enjoyed his take on things before he disappeared up his own fundament at Virgin.
  • Pross
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    I also prefer Evans - used to enjoy him on Virgin. Always liked Wogan on Eurovision with his cynicism but even that got cliched in the end. On Radio 2 I only listened to him occassionally on my way to deepest darkest Lincolnshire when Radio 5 didn't have reception but I found after a 4 hour drive in the early hours his tone made me drowsy and thought for the day bored me senseless. These days I just chuck The Arrow on as there's no DJ, no adverts, no news just an endless playlist (although there's some rubbish on it!).
  • crumbschief
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    Don't listen to much radio but Janet and John crack me up,had me in tears sometimes,i don't know how Chris will do but i don't listen to him as he bores me,Stewart Marconi is a usual favourite for me and would have been my choice.
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    love Chris Evans, but he hasn't been brave enough with the music
  • i find evans to full on for the morning,will miss sir terry and janet and john they will still be on his new sunday show though,they should get mark and lard back together for the radio two breakfast show.