Zoom 386 Forks (Reconditioning)

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Hi Folks,

First of all I am pleased to become a new member of this forum.
I run a few fora myself and did use the search facility to see if there was anything here first to read but the thread subjects didn't help.

I am so sorry if this HAS been covered elsewhere, to be honest I did only spend about 10 mins searching.

(I am aware that these forks are not worthy of this forum but it doesn't hurt to ask)

I just bought a bike today, had a few really cheap ones in the past but never really took it seriously, now I have found this forum maybe I can at least make a start.
This bike is not an expensive one although I did get it at a good price - it is a Promotional bike from Metabo (they make Quality German tools if you didnt know) and it was on eBay... I want to brand this bike with my own stamp hence my going for it (as it would take little work to replace stickers).

I have to admit I did take a 'Punt' as such a company you would think would put together a good spec bike - this turns out to be a Cross Sprinter SE (2009) and suits my needs IE IT looks good :).

BUT, this - for the money is fine.

My problem is the forks (Zoom 386) are knackered although the chap I purchased from swears he only used it twice (Yeah - for 2x 4 month rides at a time) but no, seriously it is virtually new.

Ok, so to the point:

I sit on the bike - front brake on (seems weird to have the front brake on the left but anyway).. Push forward and the wheel moves to the left !!

Checked everything (I am a practical person) and it is all tight.

The arc (no idea what you would call that but maybe I can hang a wreath on it if all else fails) between the two forks moves forward and back which indicates to me that there has been some wear near the bottom of the stanchions.

This is where I need help:

How to take the forks apart
Where to find and what are the parts called that I need (If I can do the former).

I have looked of course - popped off the caps at the top - can see what I assume is the top of a spring cap deep down at the bottom.

From below I see a threaded tube with what looks like a slot, the slot is too shallow to take anything it seems.

So my problem is:

How do I get these things (forks) apart?

Havent got the seals of off the top yet - that's my first job when I awake.

Please don't just say 'Bin Them' as they were put together so they MUST come apart somehow.

Can anybody shed any light?

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