A Class Alex ALX 330 wheels

triMPW Posts: 92
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All i have read about these wheels say steer clear.

But i have the opportunity to purchase a set for £60. The shop that have them got them because they had a couple of broken spokes (surprise suprise!!), however they have completely rebuilt them with DT Swiss double butted stainless spokes and brass nipples.

Will this improve things? are they worth the money?


  • rake
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    i would say so. i have a different set of alex rims and they used to break spokes all the time. ive relaced with dt swiss and brass. the rims are solid but spokes are crap. they will be much better.
  • triMPW
    triMPW Posts: 92
    Thanks rake, i may well try them then.
    I'm sure they will be an upgrade to the wheels on my Carrera Vanquish!!