Compact or triple?

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I currently use a triple and am wondering how I can ensure I get close to the same range if I were to replace it with a compact...

I can count the teeth on fron (smallest and biggest chain rings) and likewise on the back (smallest and biggest cog).

Then what?

As a general rule, can I expect to get a similar range with bigger gaps or am I going to lose out?



  • maddog 2
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    smallest front ring on a compact is 33t, although hey usually come with a 34t

    and a standard road triple is 30t, although you can go lower

    big rings on compacts are usually 50t

    triples are 52, usually.

    so a triple will always have a bigger range

    or put another way, if both setups have the same range, then a triple can do it with smalller gaps.

    this argument is well documented, if you do a search all the arguments are there. Basically: compact looks better, lower Q, lower weight, easier setup, triple can have a bigger range, lower lowest gear, higher highest gear and smaller gaps. The difference in the amount of shifting depends on how and where you ride though.
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