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Hi Im Dan and i finish college in a years time and im thinking about doing a trip to Whistler bike park for the summer with a few of my friends as a way of ending education (At last :P )

Iv found this Sumer Gravity camp you can do there witch looks good and is pritty much spot on with what i would like to do but i was just wondering if any one else has any ideas of other ways i could do this trip or any good Suggestions of other places i could go.

Thanks Dan


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    A lot of very good riding in the French Alps. Could consider becoming a mountain bike guide, then you get to ride all day and get paid for it.
  • MBUK has a write up abouta whistler tour this month.
  • Dan, Whistler is an awesome place to spend some quality riding time, and you can’t fail to have a good time there. The village has all the things you need and the riding in the Bike Park and Valley trails is superb.

    There is a feature on the BC Bike Park tour they run in the current (Feb) issue of MBUK.

    If you are keen to improve your skills with a coach then these can be arranged on a day by day basis with the Whistler Bike Park Guides. This gives you a flexible way to get the most out of your time and budget.