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07 lyric U turn with motion control

jimbo-norcojimbo-norco Posts: 333
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Hey, Just bought myself a Scott Ransom 10 with 07 Lyrics on it. Ive had a look at the manual but its all confusing, can anyone explain to me what the wastegate does, what the mission control is, and how to adjust the suspension travel??
Thanks! :)


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    turn the travel adjuster to c`hange travel.

    the Flood gate sets when the sus starts moving, and motion control is the damping system.
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  • on my 09 lyrik you push the adjuster to increase travel to maximum then when you need to decrease the travel you adjust it then push down on the forks and it decreases. :) hope this helps
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    wastegate: (or should that be floodgate?) is a blow off for the lockout. if you lock the fork and forget to unlock it then hit a bump hrd, it will allow the fork to travel through its movement and lock back out again, it prevents the fork buggering up. adjustable floodgate means you can set how hard you need to hit the locked out fork before it opens and allows normal movement.

    mission control :is adjustable high and low speed compression. the blue know is low and the silver is high and both turn in opposite directions (iirc) best thing to do is start with both in the middle position and adjust gradually. lsc affects the fork during movements such as cornering and braking, helping to slow the forks movement and prevent diving (although the fork will still compress, just slower) the high speed affects how the fork handles faster hits for example riding straight into an exposed root or a curbstone. lots of damping will make the fork stiff over hits, less will make the fork more supple and allow it to compress faster.

    u-turn: will only adjust if you have a uturn adjuster on the left leg, if so, just wind it down. if you have 2 step, it has a single black knob with a 30 degree-ish sweep which you turn and compress the fork to drop the travel then twist back and unweight to allow the fork to extend.
  • brill thanks guys, Ill just have to have a fiddle and see what I feel is best, I was just afraid to do something wrong first! haha thanks!
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