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Random Flash box placement obscuring links etc.

77ric77ric Posts: 601
been experiencing this issue for a while now, the issue is unusual in so much as i might go a couple of weeks without problem and then i might experience this issue on nearly every BR page i load.

the issue is a flash media box being loaded with no content with in the box always central to the page and therefore the box often obscures links. refreshing the page often doesn't help unless i block all flash content on the site.

i have taken a few screenshots and have used "click to flash" plugin to show the the flash bounding box.



shot below after loading the flash content in "click to flash"


using Safari and a Mac OS X 10.6.2 and i only experience this on the BikeRadar site both the main site and the forums. i can't bring myself to use firefox long enough to replicate this issue, so it could be an issue between the site and safari.

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