On One Inbred Top Tube Length!

Johnny Napalm
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Both of my bikes have an effective tt length of approx. 559mm (15" & 16" frames), which I am used to, and tend to use with short (40mm) stems.

Looking at the On One Inbred Slotted it appears that they have an efective tt length of 546mm (14") and 589mm (16"). As a result of Christmas and today's birthday, I have the chance to purchase a new frame for my build, and the Inbred Slotted is a frame that I am considering.

As my other two bikes effective tt length is kind of in between the Inbred's, I'm unsure which way to go.

I know that everyone is different, and it's a question that has not got a straight forward answer (and until you build the bike you'll not know for sure)...but would it be better to go with the slightly shorter tt and offset with stem and seat position? I wouldn't want to feel cramped, but I also wouldn't want to feel too stretched out with the 16".

I'm a shorty at 5' 6", and I have traditionally had 15"/16" frames in the past. I intend to use the bike as both a singlespeed and also geared, so I will also need to ensure that the seat can be high enough for seated climbing etc. when as a geared set up. Anyone on here own one of these and can part with a bit of advice?
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