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Hello all

Just a wee note to say we are on Facebook, we have been for a while mind but we thought another pointer would be a good idea.

For those in the Edinburgh area... we do some rides. Aimed at beginners - the pace is relaxed, you are never left for dead and the vultures. We aim to stop for cakes/coffees wherever possible. You would like us if you are new to riding or don't really like going out with men who like to show off. Get the idea?

We also do some road rides. Usually 50milers at a VERY relaxed pace generally, cake rules apply too.

We do them on Sundays - we are closed on Sundays so there is no sales pitch, it's our day off! But we do tend to meet at the shop as it is handy and central.

Go and have a look and maybe be a fan if you like.
We also put up offers there as well should you need anything from us.

Mods- my apologies if this breaks the rules, if so, please delete.

The address you need is in the sign down the bottom.