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100 Mile Charity Ride

dubmodderdubmodder Posts: 100
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On the 1st of July I am going to cycle 100 miles for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSHCC). If you would be so kind as to sponsor me I would be extremely grateful, thanks.


  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537
    Out of interest, where exactly you cycling 100 miles and what bike you using?
  • What's the connection ?

    Do your 100 miles. Set up a direct debit to the hospital. Separately. If you feel you've raised enough, great. If not, increase your debit , go rattle a tin or ask others to make a donation as you want the hospital to have more cash but you've given enough for the moment thanks.

    Too many bike efforts have a charity angle.
    Push yourself for the purity of the event and skip the transient whoosh of guilt as you go past. Scott of the Antarctic wouldn't have had a justgiving page. He did it because he just wanted much.
  • i dont know f i have taken this the wrong way but isnt that a bit harsh? If he is doing it for charity, good on him. :D
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  • Kind of harsh I suppose. But I am torn whether to say good on him or not, as I can't in my heart say 'it's not good'

    How much shoud I give ? £10. Probably. I could comfortably go to to £20. I could go to £100 without hardship. I could skip the new winter coat and give £500. I could skip the holiday and give £2000. But I won't. I'll give £10 cos it will make the request go away , and after a few minutes I'll have forgotten about being £10 lighter.
    That's how we think isn't it ? That's what we let ourselves do.

    So what's the 100 miles about ? Is it supposed to be a personal sacrifice. Is 100 miles a big achievement. Would you do it anyway ? If yes, then yeah I wanted to put it into perspective with the direct debit point. I don't ask for sponsorship when i decorate my house...a big achievement and something I'm planning to do anyway. Why the bike ride?

    If it's about having a focal point for pressing others to come up with a few quid, raise a couple of hundred, then that's the staus quo i'm challenging as I don't like the way a bike ride is so often associated with an endless request for money to supposedly solve all manner of the world's miseries.

    My charity donations are done quietly and my few hours a week riding are gloriously carefree of the weight of anyone else's woes. And that's good.

    But am just giving the opposite view. Raise the money, feel good about yourself. Do some good, I genuinely hope it does. Sick kids are a sad thing. Just be careful not to turn 'cycling' and 'charity ride' into 2 interchangeable phrases in the minds of the masses. Cos that's not good.
  • dubmodderdubmodder Posts: 100
    edited January 2010
    Briggo I will be using a road bike and it will be a 100 mile loop around Kent. Donations are through justgiving so the money goes straight to GOSHCC not through me first.
  • is Lakesman mentally unhinged?
  • dubmodderdubmodder Posts: 100
    Lakesman is one of the many negative bell ends that hang around on forums trying to get a rise out of people. The poor bloke was probably abused as a child and has no friends. I feel for him.
  • nmdbasenmdbase Posts: 168
    No, he is just a censored
  • nmdbase wrote:
    No, he is just a censored

    ha ha - nice
  • +1 for nmdbase - go for it Dubmodder and good on ya! - going to do my own later on in the year - have not even thought about which charity to do it for yet - but feel that as i'm lucky enough to be able to do that type of thing then im gonna have a go.

    dont worry about what other dumwits feel about it. :x
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  • I wasn't goinug to go to town in lakesman, but what a knobber. I can't believe he said all that stuff about charities. Far one, we are all going through a rough patch at the moment but we don't knock charities.
    The charity he really needs is NSPC to catch the man who touched him as a children!
    Looser! :shock:
    Only the strong survive.... Keep low move fast
  • ben110ben110 Posts: 54
    lol lol what a censored that guy is, good on you mate for even doing the 100 miles
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