Rims: Stan's Flow vs Arch

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Been to the LBS and chatted to the wheel builder and he said I should have a good think about putting Stan's Arch rims on my wheel build rather than Flow. 100 g less for a negligible amount of money.

Just general trail riding, to go on a Trek Fuel Ex8, 2.35 Kenda tyres.

Any thoughts on which to go for?


  • RealMan
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    for 100g less per wheel its definitely worth it, but whats your weight? And if your wheel builder says it, its probably good.
  • GHill
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    100 g in total, not per wheel. Sorry I wasn't very clear.

    I'm around 230 lbs in riding gear (incl full camelbak).
  • I know a guy that uses 355s for general trail riding. :)
    Flow is really quite a burly rim.
    From what I`ve heard the Arch should be fine.
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  • GHill
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    Thanks both. Arch it is.
  • diy
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    I have the flows, I would have looked at arch had they been on sale at the time. It depends on what the price difference is. If you just ride trails then they will be perfect.

    However with a 2.35 tyre - I'd go for the flows. They are designed for fat tyres where as the arch is only rated for tyres 1 - 2.3, so you are right on the limit. The flows go 2 - 2.7

    So either go for the arch with a narrower tyre or maybe take this into account.
  • GHill
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    Thanks, more food for thought. Seeing as though I'm really liking my current tyres perhaps the Flows are a good idea.

    LBS will do either rim for the same price as part of a build.
  • jairaj
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    what tyres are you running? some come up smaller eg Maxiss High Roller 2.35 come up a tiny bit small than some Specialized Captain 2.2's I've got.
  • GHill
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    Kenda Nevegals.
  • jairaj
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    In my limited experience with Kenda (only tried the Blue Groove) they come up bigger than described. Maybe Flows are the way to go?