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Hi just wondering if anyone has any good advice regarding some lights for a blackout night ride in the forest. Whats Lumins are required, seen some on ebay for £70 (900lumins) have been thinking about making my own but not sure or really experienced and if the cost outwieghs the effort. Thanks for any suggestions Dave.


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    If you're prepared to wait I'd suggest getting the Magicshine 900 Lumen (Around 650 in reality) off or for around £55 delivered: ... 27282.html

    Failing that you could always spend £80 and get them from England, a waste really when in reality they take around 10 days to arrive from the above sites.

    Hope this helps, if you need any more concise info don't be afraid to PM or post on the forum. And welcome to the forum!

  • Agree with miss marple on that. Have heard a few good things bout these lights for the money :)
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    If you are considering making your own up I'd order 2-4 torches either XPG of P7 based and mount 2 on your helmet and 2 on the bars. Its about the same price with batteries and chargers and a lot more flexible. I currently run:

    2 XRE 501Bs on the lid, secured with velcro and elastic.
    2 XPG 501bs on the bars for distance. This gives me approx 1.2K Lumen. I've tried 4 on the bars too, when it was very foggy giving a total of 6 lights.

    Torches start at 12 quid. Batteries and charger another 10er.

    So for 70 quid you could have 4 XPG lights 1.4K lumen and no worries about exploding battery packs and dodgy smart chargers.
  • Get 2 x P7 torches and a bar mount from deal extreme

    one on the bars and one one your helmet and you'll be able to see great

    If you go down the P7 route though, be sure to order extra batteries as they only last about an hour on full
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    I bought the p7 from deal extreme, batteries came in a twin pack giving 2hours minimum. This is mounted to my helmet and my dual minewts on the bars. Love it. You can't beat the value of the P7s