first road bike

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Bought just before xmas, ended up costing me £600, which I think is pretty good for such a bootiful bike :D

Need to change the saddle, but apart from that an happy with it.
Might upgrade the drivetrain and brakes in time.


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    Ive got one of those as my winter bike, really like it, frame will be well worth a few upgrades as time goes on too, its got a good personality and feel to me. Change of wheels makes the world of difference by the way, although I ride mine on its originals now that its my winter bike.

    As for drivetrain, mines Sram Rival now... when I did it I only had the bike a couple of months in which I rode loads, but I made a decision and sold all the 105 on eBay and swapped to rival for cranks (and BB), both mechs and shifters ...and with the deals I got it cost me less than £30 to get the whole swap done, wouldnt change a thing on it now, a great mile eater. Enjoy.
  • You'll enjoy that in just a few months time. Very nice looking. I like the idea of changing to Rival too. I suppose if you can't get Campag...
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  • Was looking at upgrading to rival, seems the 2010 peloton spec is the same as the 09 aerial which is a shame.

    Dont think the budget will stretch to new wheels just yet, though I have a mate who works in CRC, so might see what discount he can get me :wink::wink: