Opinions on road tubeless please

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Ive been using tubeless tyres on my MTB for years and wouldnt use anything else mainly for puncture protection (poss stupid thing to say)

I have recently been looking to buy new road wheels however and am aware of a few contenders and an even poorer selection of road tubeless tyres

So as an occasional roadie have I missed something here or else is tubeless about to take off and if I buy conventional Ksyriums (for example) I will kick myself

Opinions welcome

MTB - arguably default option
Road - Ultegra/Fulcrum Zero and erm erm erm
Road tyres - ????? Hutchison, errr



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    I suspect that some of the reason for the slow pace of tubeless is that roadies are generally a tad more conventional than mtbers when it comes to new kit.

    If you look at a lot of the technology changes over he last 20 years or so - aheadsets, indexed gears, use of aluminium and carbon, combined brake and shifter units etc. then often the mtb world embraced it much more quickly than the roadie world.

    But back on topic.... tubeless is an option, especially with tubeless rims becoming more widespread. You can still fit them to normal rims though - you just need to seal the spoke holes with tape first.

    As for tyres, Hutchinson are the only manufacturer that currently sells them (atom, fusion2 and intensive) but IRC and Maxxis have shown them at shows so they may well join soon.

    Personally, I fitted them this summer and have been very impressed. Good grip, supple, no punctures yet. I like running tyres at 90psi for grip so they're perfect for me.

    There's some more stuff about how I did it here

    http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopi ... t=tubeless
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