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Blooming front mudguard is fouling the gear cable i think...

It is a crud catcher and uses the rubber bands to secure to the frame...
i've made sure the bands go under the cables (routed on the downtube) but i think its the guard which is catching the cables :(

Any suggestions for fixing or is it a case of tough titty and just deal with it.
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  • nicklouse
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    what problem is it causing?
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    could you maybe make some spacer's from foam or rubber to lift the guard away from the frame slightly?

    just an idea don't know if this would work :?
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  • Graydawg
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    Good shout andy46 - i'll maybe give that a go,

    nicklouse just when shifting down the cable catches and doesn't provide a slick change in gear. mildly annoying but if worst comes to worst, its a small price to pay to stop me getting a wet face in all this snow and slush! lol
    It's been a while...
  • R2 D2
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    Try sliding the mudguard inbetween the cables and the frame so that the cables them run under the mudguard. Worked on my old one.