HELP REQUIRED PLEASE...Trek 1.7C - 2009 VS Focus Cayo.

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Hi all -

Situation is that I am an impoverished student with a burning desire to buy my first proper road bike (I currently commute around on something from the 1970s). I have a few hundred from christmas and birthday saved up and want to buy while the sales are still on.

Basically I want to keep it cheap as possible

The two that have caught my attention are:

Trek 1.7C - 2009 - in a sale in local bike shop from £925 to £675 - A bargain I think.

Cayo - on sale now from £1,099 to £825 - another bargain.

Budget: as low as I can stay, while not regretting spending just a bit more.

Needs: Commuting, training, a bit of racing (hoping to do more) and some longer distance rides (hoping to do lands-end to john o groats in the summer).

So i want it to be fast, yet comfortable for the longer distance rides.

Any other suggestions also???

Thanks to all.


  • cayo gets my vote
  • dbg
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    Get the Planet X SL currently 899 with mainly ultegra - absolute bargain
  • dizz07
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    I can't seem to find the PX for that price...

    Also, the reason I have put the Aluminum Trek against the Focus Cayo is to see whether an extra £150 is worth it for the Carbon Frame it offers. (I am not sure my budget will even stretch that far).

    Also, I am aware that the Cayo is a very race-bred creature. Will the Trek 1.7C be more comfortable on longer rides? or does the Aluminum frame make it rigid?