Campag V Shimano Tiagra/105

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Im looking seriously at purchasing a Bianchi C2C Alu or Alu/carbon model in the near future. One of the key decisions with these models seems to be Campag or Shimano as a number of the bikes are identical but for the groupset. I know this has probably been debated before (so sorry..) but as someone who has only used Shimano kit it would be great to hear people's opinions on Campag Xenon or Veloce and how it compares to the Shimano equivalent.

The chap in the LBS was doing his best to convince me to go Campag (but then he also confessed to liking all things Italian) but human nature tells me to stick with what you know. I curently have Tiagra and have been quite happy with it. Should one be a purist, and run Italian groupset with an Italian frame/wheels?


  • I run two Bianchi's one with 105/Ultegra and the other Veloce.

    My experience is that the 2008 Shimano has more comfortable hoods and less fussy shifting at the rear, Veloce front mech is effective, clean and positive shifts.

    I suggest you try both as the fit is a personal thing.
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    If you're buying a new bike to add to the collection then I would stick with what you've got on the existing bikes. Then you'll have the freedom to swop components between the bikes. I use Shimano, my wife uses Campag so I have twice as many bits and pieces in the spares box and two turbo wheels instead of one.