New Year - New Bike - Advice Please

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My new years resolution (like many i guess) is to shed a few pounds.

I am looking for a do it all, go anywhere bike. I've bought a few magazines like MBR, what mountain bike & cycling plus to get a feel for what's out there.

My current mountain bike is a melted down tank of a raleigh

But i would like something like an Audax or Cyclocross. within the price range £400-600

I cycle to work, and time off i go on average 60 mile bike rides. I am on minimum wage so i am not eligible for the CTW scheme.

I have to be able to carry panniers, as this carries my laptop & gear/bait to work.

I like the look of the Kona Dew drop (09 as they are cheap) but i have read somewhere that putting mudguards on them is a problem.

At the higher end of the scale, the best bargain i have seen so far comes from edinburgh cycles. They have the Specialized Tricross on sale. and it seems like a good bike.

But its january, i only have Edinburgh & Evans locally so i dont know what else might be out there in the sales.

So i would like to get you guys opinions first please


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    Both Edinburgh Cycles and Evans have a decent reputation as retailers - it would be worth visiting both and seeing what advice they offer, then possibly considering a return to the forum with a shortlist.

    An important factor in your new purchase is not only will it suit the type of riding you intend to do, but also whether it is the correct size for you.

    As far as I can see, the Spec Tricross on offer in Edinburgh Cycles is only available in a 49cm (small) size.
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    Get sized up in a shop, like Evans (just an idea of frame etc).

    Watch the for sale threads here. Or post a wanted. You'd get a lot who upgrade hardly used 1st bikes, but the extras you want may complicate it.

    I'd not go new as you'll waste most of the cash on tax and profit margin. Be patient, and keep the wanted ad going!
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    Yes I would agree, you would get a much better bike buying 2nd hand. I'm sure if you search, you can find your ideal bike. If you do decided to buy a bike from Evans, make sure you do your research into the bike as you can't rely on the staff!
  • As you mention EBC what are peoples thoughts of their own brand Revolution. The Cross is down £100 and I fancy the idea of a cheap rugged drop bar machine.

    My C2W hybrid wears butterfly bars on a riser stem (got me back into cycling) - the MTB is an old 20yo vintage and the even older Raleigh 531 racer is pensionable.

    Are the Revolutions rugged enough, even if the Cross is a poor colour ?

    Might try the JoGLE this year and need a bike for that. The hybid would do - if spokes stop breaking - crap !! Ridgeback Supernova. Another bike gives more options nearer the time. (will be doing it solo with tent so need extra carrying ability). A good second hand bike would, I reckon, be an extra £200 and may still need more spending on it after purchase. Theoretically a new machine should be fine from the off (unless spokes break - lol).
  • I am on minimum wage so i am not eligible for the CTW scheme.

    Just a query on this - and how I interpreted this in my self administered scheme. We have a mix of earners in the scheme - some are NMW but earn overtime. The O/T rates covers the payment so they work O/T for minimum wage effectively. Just need to check they are doing the O/T so they still get the benefit of the PAYE / NIC saving.

    I have one though who is minimum wage and have included them to aid the promotion of cycling. What's the benefit. Firstly the VAT is saved - or lets say over 10% after the buyback percentage is taken at the end. Secondly the rider gets free credit making something more 'affordable'.

    Is it correct in the full scheme rules ? Don't care - for one person in our scheme the 'risks' are far less than the benefits - and as its self administered I have set the rule - correctly or not.

    I did ring the Minimum Wage Commission to query the overall rule, as I heard it was being reviewed. They confirmed that the rule remains intact even though they had to agree it was poor. They could see how using a bike would save public transport costs etc and be beneficial. Sounds like a normal 'government' oversight. Think they had to leave it as it didn't fit in with policies on other benefits etc - thus creating inequalities - back to politics again !!

    Whatever happens - although EBC / Evans may be less willing than an independent - ask for 10% discount on a new bike (equal to the cost they incur to take Cycle Scheme vouchers - the reason Evans etc have their own schemes) - arguing that you are loosing out as you can't use C2W because of minimum wage.