brake pads

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hi all i need some new pads for my giant yukon fx1 the brakes are Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc, 160mm rotors and im not sure which ones to get as i cant see any alivio disc pads on web
thanks and keep riding
giant yukon fx1
claude butler ravana


  • look for the number on the calliper it will be something like BR- M535 ( the 3 numbers are the important bit)

    Email it to me and ill tell you which pad you need

    (or look at the pad identifier on our website to see the difference in shape)

    Hope this helps.
    Ever thought about doing a bikeradar bulk buy discount for us all? :wink:
  • i cant see a number on the caliper
    i will remove the pads and see if their is a number on them
    thanks as soon as i see the number i will let you know
    giant yukon fx1
    claude butler ravana
  • bigbenj_08 - Email me with what you like for bulk prices. Discount for 10+ packs at a time on the website under special codes.

    Smiler666 - The code on the shimano pads relates to the compound not brake type. Just check the picture against our pad identifier. Here are the three possibilities:

    S1 - hole at one end and a hook at the other.
    S2 - Tab in the middle/top with a hole in
    S3 - Tab at the end with a hole in