Eating tips for a newbie!

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Hi all.

Have bought a Spesh Allez Sport with the view to use 3-4 mornings a week for 1-2 hrs (to start with) before work to get fit.

Could you peeps give me some ideas on healthy eating to help me along with this? What do you all eat for brekkie/lunch/dinner including snacks?

Oh, and if any, do you use a post ride hydration drink or powder to add to water? If so, which one could you recommend? Are the Lucozade range of bits any good?

Thanks so much for your help and comments :D



  • guv001
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    If I'm riding for only 90mins or so I just use water for my rides (unless its really hot or the session is really intensive). I generally eat within 30 mins of ending a ride or if its morning I have a light breakfast - do ride - eat some fruit at 10am.
  • NommaG
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    Breakfast- Porridge/Shredded wheat with walnuts and raisins
    Dinner/Tea- Salmon/Tuna Steaks/ChickenMakcerel with loads of steamed veg
    Snacks- fruit

    I've stuck to this for the last 6 months and lost over 4 stone so far
    I don't use any recovery drinks. I normally have a bowl of cereal or mackerel on toast after a ride.