Garmin 500

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Has anyone got one of the new Garmin 500 gizmos? Would be interested in any feedback to how you are finding it.

I have also been trying to work out the difference between the 500 and the 305. Other than the power measurement facility on the 500 I am struggling to see much difference. Am I missing something?


  • Lou_m
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    The 305 has interval training sesions, you could "go compaire" on the garmin web site.
  • pete54
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    I don't think you can upload routes to the 500.
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    The 305 has basic maps and the ability to store waypoints so you can plot a route, transfer it to the unit and follow it. The 500 doesn't store waypoints, but I believe you can follow courses which is the breadcrumb trail you were referring to. If you don't have a powermeter, there is no reason to go for the 500 over the 305.
  • Lou_m
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    305 has no maps.