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Shimano 105 Brake Cable Issue

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Hi All

I'm replacing my brakes, however I have a problem with the shifters. On the right shifter, the cable hook unit has come out of it's seating and seems to have lodged itself further down the shifter. So when I pull the lever, the result is no tension on the cable. I've tried to dig it out with some long nose pilers but not having any joy.

I thought about removing the shifter to see whether that would make it easier, but didn't want to start and do that if it wouldn't resolve and whether it sounds like a LBS job?

Its a 105, 5600 STI shifter if that makes any difference.

Thanks, Grant.


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Disconnect the brake cable from the brake. Put the gear into a large cog and then operate the small lever to get a slack gear cable. Do not turn the pedals. You should now be able to pull the lever right back. It will go a little further if you move it as if you were changing to a larger cog. You should now have sufficient room to get hold of the seating. Make sure you have not lost the plastic bearings from it. Replace the seating, fit the brake cable and adjust.
  • GAWOODGAWOOD Posts: 36
    Thanks John. Success as I managed to get it out, but looks like I've lost the spacer/washers that hold it in the place, hence why its happened.

    Think I've identified the replacement needed on the Madison website but will check with the LBS first.

    Thanks for your help.
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