snow riding :-)

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got me some training for the mega avalanche today.ok, on a smaller scale but hey it all counts :D started off in about 2 inches of snow and ice at the top of the downhill and ended it with some nice rocky descents to some grassy run outs :lol:

ok, it was only about 2 mins long rather that the 2 hours for the mega but it was still fun :D


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    i don't really like riding in snow. when i went yesterday there was about 1 foot of snow and there was ice too. climbing uphill was very hard and i had to walk the bike most of the way up. on the way down you can't go too fast otherwise you lose control and fall over on the turns.

    but there is some good points. afterwards you don't have to clean the bike and it's quite a cool experiance if you never done it before, oh and in deep snow the bike stands up on it's own :D
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    I'll ride in all weather rain sun snow sleet or shine It's all the same to me ...

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    i went for a wee snow ride the other day and it was ok, good fun :)
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    I went out on my local loop in the snow today, the first since it fell. It was all hardpacked and solid ice so wasn't much fun. Only ridable with care.
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    Hardpacked is sh*t. Unfortunately every trail in the North West is covered in it at the moment. I`m carrying a load more timber with not getting out over xmas, rubbish. :(
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    Yeah, all the trails up here are pretty unridable from what I've herad. I've not bothered going to the Marin or penmachno for a look. llandegla's shut.

    CyB seems to have got away with it.
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