Wooden-rimmed wheel

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'Inherited' a wooden-rimmed wheel recently and I'm quite interested to try to get an idea of it's age.
To my untrained eye, there's nothing particularly distinctive about it (no manufacturers marks or labels). It has a quirky kind of wing nut where you'd have a quick-release mech nowadays and someone wiser than me might infer something from the spoke count or spoke lacing pattern?
Any hints, tips or pointers in what to look at or an expert to ask for help?
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  • bagpusscp
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    A couple of pictures would help.Is it a front or rear wheel.Also is it a sprint rim.ie for tubular type tyres.Size ?
    Here is a picture of a pair of mine.
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/74418119@N ... 894138345/

    These are old Britih imperial 26" sprints .You cannot get tubs for them :cry: Made in France.
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    Wooden rims were popular for track and some road bikes before the introduction of strong, lightweight alloys - all the ones I've seen are for tubular tyres. A piccie of the hub is probably best to determine the age of the wheel
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