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Easy bike washing

munzymunzy Posts: 111
edited January 2010 in Workshop
Got this handy little thing:


Ideal for washing the worst of the grit off the bike. Just fill it up before a ride, leave in house and rinse bike afer ride.

Well chuffed with it, had tried bigger garden one but leaving it outside meant the frost knackerd it up, this stays nice and safe in the house :D


  • How do they fill up - does the top screw off? What's the little round green valve thing for near the top of the white body?
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,058
    yes they're really handy

    i've got the larger type with a hose and nozzle on a 'wand', i use it in the lock-up/bike store at my flats as there's no hose/other water nearbly

    makes it easy to quickly rinse off salt/crud after a ride, i think my one holds 6-7 litres, cost about a tenner from a local hardware store

    the top unscrews to allow filling, the small green thing will be the safety valve/manual pressure release to let the air out before refilling or storing
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Ironically the zoo where I sometimes work uses these for spraying milk to tigers, but I'd never thought of cleaning a bike with them, so thanks for the idea & thanks for the info, sungod!
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