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Hi everyone,

Question about my disc brakes (this is new stuff to me really).

The rear wheel is not running free when spun and holding the rear of the bike off the ground. The bike hasn't been in any knocks or anything, the only thing thats occured is a very muddy ride and I cleaned the bike and removed the wheel to clean it. Could it also be cos I've over tightened the quick release?

Thanks for any help and happy new year to all......can't sleep.

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  • It could just be that you haven't aligned the wheel properly when you put it back in.

    Bert UK.
  • GHill
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    Over or under tightening could cause it. What brakes are they? It might be easy to realign the calliper relative to the disc.

    Take a look and make sure the brake isn't rubbing on both sides, that may suggest the pistons have pushed out too far.