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Giant Glory 2010

Spoony ManSpoony Man Posts: 132
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I'm looking at buying one, I know people with the old style Glory who love them and most of the reviews suggest the new one is better with minor changes (stem/bars/grips and tyres) - it would be great to hear the opinion of somebody who owns a 2010!

My main problem is sizing though, I currently ride a small Orange 222 and often find myself too far forward (especially with a direct mount stem) so I think I want the medium Glory, any advice would be appreciated - the top tube lengths (mm) are below:

15" Orange - 547 (579 effective length - not sure how this is calculated though??)
16" Glory - 565
17" Glory - 605
17.5" Glory - 645

Ideally I would like to test ride one in the next month or two so if anybody hears of any Giant test days this would be most useful.
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  • Geezer,

    If your anywhere near these guys ( the owner has a 2010 Glory which he races.

    If you can pop in i'm sure he would let you have a try failing that give them a bell he could have a chat with ya.

    Hope it helps

    Oh by the way when i saw the Glory in his shop i thought its the mutts nuts!!!!!!!!

  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    There are Giant Stores in Bristol, Cambridge and Liverpool who should be able to get you a demo bike. Give the closest one a bell to find out.
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