The female of the species: South Oxfordshire'ish

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Mrs Stomith wonders if there are any ladies out there in need of a riding buddy occasionally.

We're South Oxfordshire, just off the Ridgeway.

Wall climbing and Kayaking probably on the agenda too.....perhaps?

Please make some lovely posts and it might encourage her to join up to the forum.



  • stomith
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    Just to make that clear.......she's looking for female company/buddy...not me.

    She's low 30's (age, not stone) and would like to lose a few pounds, gain some confidence on the bike, but is not looking to break land speed records or create wheelie longevity records.

    Oh...and she's thinking about a few MTB training courses, over the next year.
  • Would be cool to have a female riding buddy... I am perhaps a little far away though, but if your ever heading out to warwickshire way( not that theres much riding to be had here) gis a shout
    anyone know the nutritional value of a fly??
  • stomith
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    that is a little bit far for an after work ride :)

    Sounds more like a day trip. Miind you; She has car and me annoying her so anything can happen!

    have a good 2010!
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    I'm from swindon if thats any good to you? Quite often ride on the Ridgeway, although at the moment its a bit too muddy to be fun! Also sometimes go to Swinley, and the other way along the M4 to Wales. Anyway I think some other ladies ride with the Croft Woods lot in Swindon, dont know if you've been there but its a good place to practise some singletrack. Skills courses - I've been on Forest Freeride in Wales which was very good, and DirtDivas in Swinley, also pretty good. I guess the Swinley one is probably closer for you - they were really helpful when i contacted them and tailored the session to suit me which was great. They are also running some ladies' rides there too i think.
    dont know if thats any help at all - feel free to pm me if you want to meet up for a ride or something! or if you have any questions just ask :D
  • Mrs Stomith here :)

    Thanks moshelle and lexiekay for answering my hubby's post - now I'm registered on the forum I can release him from being my scribe :P

    I'm really interested in attending a course as I've mainly trailed after my husband on rides and would love some guidance on what-the-hell-I'm-supposed-to-be-doing and ride without intimidation (sorry hubby but I'm a girl so my small engine cannot compare with yours :lol: )
    Bit nervous about going on my own and nowhere near as fit as I'd like to be - it would be nice not to collapse at the top of a hill :oops: and hoping to shed my excess stone I'm dragging about in my arse /thigh region.

    I have every-other weekend free and could ride after work on Mondays & Wednesdays - preferably when the clocks change. (I work in Kingston Bagpuize)

    I've been to Swinley once with the kids and done the Penrydd trail at Afan twice; mainly ride about the Ridgeway between Wantage and Fox Hill but only about once a month :(

    ...WOW... essay...sorry
  • Hi can't help with riding buddy as miles away!

    I started mtb in october already lost that stone :D still struggling with hills :( really love going downhill though trees but started using SPD's yestarday now could get pilots licence for the amount of time spent flying though air :oops: hubby still chucking about it now (no serious injuries) did get the hang of it need lots of practice.

    Anyway i will get to the point I am doing a womens only weekend course reccomended by people on this forum with forest freeride in feb £125 for 2 days includes free accomadtion in bunkhouse. If you only want a day, dirtdivas in berkshire do 1 day courses for £85 heard good reports about them too!!!!

  • stomith
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    Strangely, I don't feel as "released" as you might expect. :)
  • Hello,
    I'm looking to get back into mtb-ing after quite a long break. When I was riding I mainly rode the Ridgeway between White Horse Hill and the A34.

    Would deffo fancy a ride if you are about. I work in Wantage.
  • stomith
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    Yup, that's the place. She's horribly busy at work at the moment...but I think it is coming to and end. I'll prod her into reading your reply.

    "She'll be right back, after this break!" :)
  • Cool
  • I don't want to spoil things but forest free ride are crap in my opinion.

    my wife wanted to up her skills and confidence (it can be problematic with me teaching her!), so booked a w/e with FFR.

    I made sure the prat teacher was aware of her skill level and he said no problem, slow and gradual and at Bev's pace...

    except it wasn't, it was at the pace of the other pretty young girl on the course who had just done a week flying around all the north wales trail centres and didn't need tuition.

    Bev felt like she was rushed along before she was ready, not getting comfortable with one skill set before trying something even harder.

    She left early the next day, upset and crying and the tutor didn't even walk her to her car or put the bike on the rack as he promised.

    He did say she needed individual tuition, but that would be extra and he didn't offer a refund for the half day bev didn't get.

    I think he was a shameful excuse for a tutor, the only reason I haven't reported him is that Bev made me promise not to cause a fuss.

    So, unless you already have big confidence and good skills, avoid forest free ride.
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  • stomith
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    Oh....sh1t. Sorry she had such a crap deal.

    Bev - Let him make a fuss next time. You paid for the priviledge - and they should be able to cater for or pre-empt the differences in skill levels.

    "(it can be problematic with me teaching her!), "

    Hmmmm...wait til Mrs Stomith sees that comment. I'm in for a right slaggin' off
  • stomith wrote:

    "(it can be problematic with me teaching her!), "

    Hmmmm...wait til Mrs Stomith sees that comment. I'm in for a right slaggin' off

    It's just like the 'teaching your spouse to drive' issues, only worse.

    Not to blow my own trumpet too much, I'm a qualified guide/coach based in the Afan area and regularly take out novices or people needing a confidence boost. I don't teach gnarly expert stuff ('cos i can't do it myself), but I have often helped people overcome their fears and so ride better... all except my wife but that's improving.

    more info in my mtb-guiding signature.
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