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PS3 help

jpstarjpstar Posts: 561
edited December 2009 in The Crudcatcher
Set up a ps3 at home after christmas with two users on it: Joe and Chirpy
Now I didnt mean to but I created Chirpy's PSN account on my user and my PSN on Chirpy's User, if any of that makes sense.
Basically I want to transfer the accounts over so they are on the right user, but every time I attempt to login with the other account (say my PSN on my user) it says something along the lines of "Cannot sign in with another users Sign-In address" and then doesn't let me log in.

So I want to know if you can swap over the PSN accounts to different users without deleting one of the accounts (which if I did would be both?), I'm not overly bothered about the online scores as they are low but I don't want to have to delete them.

Thanks for any help,


  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    You might as well delete and start again ...because that is your only option , It's impossible to even transfer accounts's not like a PC where you have options .. to do as such
  • a.palmera.palmer Posts: 504
    You should be able to transfer them. My ps3 got the YLOD and i was able to sign in on my existing account on the new ps3 I got, so i see no reason why you shouldn't be able to switch them
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