Magicshine query?

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Hi all
Got a Magicshine light for xmas and whenever i try and charge it the LED on the charger stays red, also the button on the light is red too. I got an adaptor from Asda that should work ok with the charger.
Anything i'm missing??
Do i need a certain type of adaptor?


  • red = needs charging/in process
    green = charged.
    so....charge it up!
  • I had it on charge for about 8 hrs yesterday and still red
    New adaptor too
  • alfablue
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    See the What Lights Discussion Thread.
    Here are some general instructions with regard to the product HA-III SSC P7-C (SXO) 3-Mode 900-Lumen LED Bike Light Set (Model: E16288):
    1. Please note that the LED on the charger will remain red and it will not turn green. For a full recharge, please charge it for about 3 hours. We do not recommend for charging longer than this duration.
    2. Please note that the manufacturer has upgraded the hardware and the color of the switch will not turn green either. It will be red regardless the charge on the battery.

    Don't overcharge it!
  • apparently some of the newer magicshines only have the red led.
    my dx magicshine is one of the headmount ones, and the light on the unit itself goes from green to red, but the one i just received from lumilite only lights up red.

    Dont know about the charger though, the one for the headmount has green/red and i'm just using dx plug adaptor. The lumilite one also has red/green, but is a uk plug charger. I'm sure i read in one of the threads that the charger doesnt have green anymore either.

    edit - should have read alfablues post above lol
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