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best turbo trainer for <150

chrishumeschrishumes Posts: 227
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Hi Guys

Just got me first bike, but not gunna use it in this weather. whats the best turbo trainer for under 150, any good ones in the sale?



  • Well I'm using a JetBlack Fluid turbo £149 at present, it does the trick, an hour every day, gets me sweating like a pig alright, more than happy with it, more so than the geezer using it.
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  • I read you should only use an old bike on a turbo trainer (serious cyclists) as it damages the bike overtime, so be careful.
  • matteraimatterai Posts: 176

    I see u have a jet black fluid. What are your thoughts on it? Is it the only one you have had?


  • matterai, yes it's the only turbo I've owned the good thing is as its a progressive trainer it automatically adjusts the resistance when you change gears or increase speed, so no need for cable etc. It says it is super quite and smooth, as for the smooth I can agree with and it is possible very quite but seeing as I have it in my shed on a wooden floor it is a bit noisy reverberating through the wood, on a concrete floor I think it would be quite.
    'If you worry you die, if you don't worry you still die, so why worry?"
  • matteraimatterai Posts: 176
    Thanks. Sorry meant to send a pm not hijack this thread.
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