Van Nicholas Mam Tor

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Hi All,

I'm after some advice. In the next few months I'm thinking of upgrading my Kona, and thoughts are do I go for:
1, A full susser with 100-120 mm or travel (like a Giant Anthem), or
2, A titanium hardtail such as the Van Nicholas or On One?

My riding is mostly around the Peaks, and tends to be XC stuff. I had been thinking of a full susser for extra traction and comfort, but then saw the Mam Tor in the sale. Decisions decisions!

Any advice/opinions greatly recieved



  • My riding is also mainly Peak District. When I first moved up here I only had my Dekerf from 1996 with RS Judy's and 60mm of travel! I used this to do Jacob's Ladder, Mam Tor etc., but after a while realised that the riding such terrain would be better served by getting a FS bike, which would make it more fun, more comfortable for long days in the saddle and more forgiving.

    I've kept my HT, still use it and would never sell it, but for Dark Peak rides use the FS more.

    Really depends on how and where you are going to ride, best solution buy both! 8)