Tyres for commuting / touring and off road?

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I've been riding my Pace as my only bike since last September. I do a short commute about 4 miles over roads and paved areas every working day and occasionally take the off-road route home (Ashton Court in Bristol). I get onto the trails every other weekend and do the occasional road touring ride.

In the winter and the rain, I find that the side knobbles of my current Mountain King Protection offer a much more assured ride. That said, I have used Conti Gator tyres for commuting on other bikes in the past and they make a hell of a difference.

I'm looking for two sets (?) of tyres to allow me to commute every day in confidence and not be too limiting if I do the odd tarmac leisure ride with some mates. I also want a set of tyres suitable for XC / trails; possibly even one set of tyres to do the whole lot.

I'm happy to spend £40 each, want them to be light and have always loved Conti tyres. How about the Speed / Race King in Protection or Supersonic flavour?
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    You could try the Continental Town & Country's. Use them meself, much better than knoblies on the roads & ok for light off road use. Good puncture protection too
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