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Rockshoc Tora 318 - two sales, two prices?

MarkDonMarkDon Posts: 200
edited January 2010 in MTB buying advice
Hi all, i'm just busy adding loads of stuff to my CRC basket, and fancy these forks, heard good things about them, only downside is they are a bit pricey, they appear to be alot cheaper on Wiggle, but they have slightly different names, and colours, are they the same?


Rock Shox Tora 318 Coil U-Turn Forks - Poploc 2010
£210.00 ... elID=29886


RockShox Tora 318 OE 2009 Suspension Forks
£135 ... 360045722/

Are they the same? should i just order them from Wiggle to get the best deal? I've found everything else i need though CRC & prefer to put one lump order in?

Opinions please :)
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