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Help with brakes...

The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 19,174
edited December 2009 in MTB buying advice
I'm confused.

I've been looking at the Avid Elixir CR, Avid Ultimate, Hayes Stroker Trail, Magura Marta SL Red and the new Formula RX that is replacing the Oro.

From Bikeradar and comparing prices.....

The Elixir clamp is poo with carbon bars.
The Ultimate isn't light and is overpriced.
The Stroker Trail is a good brake but has no pad adjustment.
Magura Marta SL is the same price as a Ultimate... but is it any better? Biekradar say its quite wooden and has no feel to them.
The Oro was a great trail brake, but is the RX going to be the same? Bike radar have given it an awesome review!

I'm actually swaying towards the Stroker Trail.... they're cheap as chips at Merlin and i've used them before with very positive results.
Not keen on Avid as i've had problems with them before.
Magura and Formula i've had no dealings with.

erm.... Help? :lol:


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