Blown inners

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Hi all,
I've just got some Campag Vento Reactin wheels for the winter bike that I'm doing up, but each time I stick an inner in, when i get it up to about 80psi, it blows.

The tyres are Conti 4 seasons, are also reasonably new and don't have any thorns in.

I've blown 4 inners now, two of which were brand new.

Any tips or recommendations about types of inner tube to buy?

Thanks for any help you can give.


  • hopper1
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    Are the wheels new?
    What condition is the rim tape?
    Are there any raised spokes?
    I had a brief encounter with this. In my case, the rim tape was cheap and deformed with the pumoping pressure, so the tube went into the spoke holes..... BANG :shock:
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  • alfablue
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    Get Velox rim tape, most of the others are too flexible
  • Campag Rim tape is far from Flexible, it's thick plastic stuff, and shouldn't be deforming all that much.