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Orange Crush stolen in Glasgow

alanp1984alanp1984 Posts: 61
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Orange Crush 2009/10 in green.
Stolen in Glasgow from my flat between 20/11/09 and 27/11/09.

Its easily identifiable as its a complete custom build as follows:
Custom parts shown with ++( )++ around them
Sizes (This is a 15” frame)
Colour Green Grass
Tubeset 6061-T6 Custom Butted Aluminium
Forks Fox 32 Float R 140mm ++(QR Bolt Thru Axle) ++
F Mech Shimano Deore
R Mech SRAM X9 Medium Cage
Shifters SRAM X7
Chainset Race Face Ride XC X Type
Cassette SRAM PG950
Brakes ++Hope Headset (Blue)++
Hubs ++Hope Pro 2’s++
Rims Mavic XM117
Spokes DT Swiss Competition S/S Black
Tyres Continental Mountain King 2.2
Headset ++Hope Headset (Blue)++
Stem ++Sunline V1 stem ++
S Post Race Face Ride XC
Saddle SDG Bel Air
H Bars ++Sunline V1 bar 711mm++
Pedals ++DMR V12’s in brushed metal++
B Bracket Race Face X Type
Accessories ++A blue chainstay cover by Lizard Skin
Green rubber rear light

There's a ¾” long scratch near to the “crush” lettering on one side of the top tube.

Its easy to spot due to Green/Blue/dark metal colour scheme. And it has a noisy pro 2 hub not the regular shimano stock option..

Likely to be seen in Scottish trail centres I reckon...

Any help would be much appreciated as my insurance wont pay out.. Found an advert for it on gumtree too but it was too late- actually spoke to the guy under a false name and he'd already sold it.. for 350 quid.... sob...

If you were sold this mistakenly and you have a conscience, I am happy to refund what you paid. I am also willing to pay anyone a reward of £350 for calling the bike in.

Contact the police or me on 07595249596 if you see it on the back of a car- take the number plate down

Cheers for your help guys and girlsx





  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    Do you have a recent pic of your bike ?

    And where in Glasgow was it stolen from ?

    If I were you I would check bike shops , cash converters .....and the barra's and there is a pawn shop on Argyle st across from victor morris

    And the surrounding area that you live ?
  • Pics are now up Colin, checked out cash cpnverters today- no luck.

    Bike was taken from my new build flat dennistoun and I have a mobile number for the guy who potentially nicked it, called him and he said it was sold but not willing to give buyer's number.

    Trying to spread the word as far as possible

    Cheers for advice, here's hoping it turns up somewhere...
  • Added a youtube video for better detailing of non-stock hope finishing kit and sunline bars...
  • Finally have the serial number of the frame- woopwoop! Orange have ony sold around TEN of the fram only Crush's in 15".. That means that if you see a small Orange Crush with non raceface (exceot the crank) there's at least a 1 in ten chance its stolen folks!
  • conadconad Posts: 82
    Are the police unwilling to help with the potential thiefs mobile number?
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  • leon69leon69 Posts: 68
    maybe we can all learn from this ......why wouldnt the insurance pay ?
    If you dont bleed your not trying ...
  • Hi Conad, I cant say much about what the police are doing about it for obvious reasons, although I can say that they are taking waaaay too long to do basic tasks..

    Leon69, two very important lessons-

    1)When you move flats, make sure you advise your insurer... :(

    2)If you're not sure you put the Krypto New York Lock round both bikes before you set off on holiday- double check (The Kona survived) or better still, put the bikes in the house rather than the landing...

    Way too easy to get relaxed about these things and you pay the price...
  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    Well I do hope you get your bike returned to you ...

    It's more likely stolen to order for a client before the 27th .. who then couldn't afford the price or changed there mind leaving the bloke to advertise online or place a small add in the paper

    How did you come by the person's mobile ??? small add in the paper or seen it listed for sale online ???
  • mcj78mcj78 Posts: 634
    Bummer - if it's a contract mobile number surely the police will be able to track the billing address (if they can be arsed), hope you find it - i'll keep my eyes peeled.
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  • The night I got back from vacation and found it bumped I immediately checked Gumtree, found the ad staight away, police were there in a half hour but unfortunately they were more concerned with proving the bike was mine before they would take it further.. Hence why I had to wait till the next day to phone and confirm he'd sold it. It was a 12 hour window in which it went and the only search on gumtree that brough up that hit on the first page was "Orange Crush Glasgow" so I'm guessing its been bough by someone fairly local who was keen to buy a legitimate crush then spotted this "bargain"

    Now is a good time to mention that if the buyer comes forward they'll recieve their money back- the other option will be it simply gets confiscated when found and they'll get nil...
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,828
    censored mate - feel for you. Hope you get some luck & get it back
  • cheers mate, nice P7 you have too. They're beautifully made man x
  • Weather is getting better, bikers should be out to play soon! If you spot the bike and succesfully get it back by the police or other means there will obviously be a reward (what the original thief paid) And if you are the unfortunate buyer I'll refund the cost of your purchase. Get some good karma in your life rather than break it down etc.

    Cheers folks!
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,828
    are you saving like mad for the next one?
  • Yeah mate, saving like crazy to try and get something together- probably wont be half as nice though.. My GF and I had hoped to take our car, some DD hamocks and hit the Alps this year but might put it on hold so that we both have a bike for the summer!!
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