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rockshox all travel spacers

fitch28fitch28 Posts: 155
edited December 2009 in MTB buying advice
got some tora 318 solo airs (OE ones from wiggle) but they came set at 130mm and i want them at 100mm. didn't get any spacers separately with them.

just wondering if these need to be bought or are they already somewhere in the fork and just need moved into position?

I'll get the lbs to do this by the way, well beyond my abilities! :D


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    no, IF it is adjustable they should have come with the fork.

    Read the service info on Srams webby.
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  • fitch28fitch28 Posts: 155
    already did but service section on srams site says all travel spacers are located just above the air seal and shows diagrams with placement of them for 80mm, 100mm and 130mm plus wiggle says they are adjustable. so pretty sure they are.

    shall order a set from tft. damn, wanted to go out on fri!
  • Why don't you return the Tora's and spend what you paid for them + the cost of spacers + the cost of your LBS stripping & rebuilding the fork on some better forks that are the travel you wanted in the first place ? For another £30 you could get the Recon Race solo air. I think it would cost you more than that in spacers & rebuild.
  • fitch28fitch28 Posts: 155
    lol, my sentiments exactly, tbh it's my first foray into air forks and i didn't realise the work involved in adjusting the travel. should have done a bit more research! :oops:

    Anyway, lesson learned and i'll definitely have a look at those recons

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