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First test today on the Commencal, report, brilliant machine

weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
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After many debates on FS over HT and having ridden and not exactly liked the FS's i tried, i've got my first ride this afternoon on my Commencal Super 4.

I am quite looking forward to it and seeing how it is. May have to spend a bit of time adjusting bars/seat etc.

Also slightly worried i'll hate it LOL


  • have fun there a great bike, i like the setting up process of a new bike
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  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    This thread is no good without photos :)

    Cracking bikes I got mine because long days on a hardtail were killing my back I didnt particulary want one it was just available at the right price at the right time. Now I cant think of any other bike I would have for my sort of riding.


    You might catch the modification bug though. All thats left after a year of the original bike is the frame, headset, forks(modified to 120mm travel), brakes, rear disc and the rear inner tube which has been cut up and used as a fork mudguard :lol:
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  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    totally loved the bike.

    Way more than i hoped for or expected.

    All other FS's have felt flighty on the front on the XC trails but mine simply isn't. Checked the geometry on mates CUBE AMS100 and the reason why is apparent. Although the seatpost frame height is very simillar, the steering stem height is VERY different.

    The top of my bars sit about 1" below the bottom of his. This gives it a far more sit over the bars riding position. Very similar in fact to the HArrock i got rid of for this one.

    Bikeradar test of it reported that it climbs well and the propedal (autoset) is great for pedalbob,this was my other majorconcern as i've never been able to get off the seat and drive the hills on other FS bikes. However the Commencal does that briliantly.

    Overall there's several minor tweaks i need to make on the bike,
    1. Seat is not comfy
    2. Suspension a tad too firm
    3. ShifterRHS too high
    4. spacer removed from top of steering stem and placing below to lift bars 1cm or so

    After thati can see me being very very happy with my new bike.

    Superb blast around Swinley in horrible horrible conditions.
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