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V Brake proble: what am I doing wrong

SW1 CommuterSW1 Commuter Posts: 2
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This happens top me a lot and I'm wondering what I should be doing.

Nearly every time when I remove a wheel I release the v brake to let the wheel out.
But when I put the wheel back in, and reattach the brake, it is canted over to one side so that the pad rests against the rim and it won't run free.

This time it's on the right hand side of my back brake, the opposite side to where the cable comes from.

(I mean that the cable runs down the left hand side of the bike, through the left half of the brake, which seems okay and then to the right side. andit is the right side which is pulled into the wheel)

I've tightened up the little screw at the bottom of the brake on the right hand side but nothing I've done seems to make any difference.

1. it's annoying, how do I fix it?
b. it keeps happenening. Why? and what should I do to stop it happening again?



  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Welcome, SW1 :)

    This happens on my mtb. I wonder if the cables need a lube or changing because they're not running freely.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    sounds like you are not seating the wheel\in the dropouts correctly.

    always release the Qr with the bike resting on its wheels and mahe sure that the wheel is seated correctly and then do up the Qr/axle nuts.
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