Seized rear mech

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Gave my drivetrain some TLC last night after the Christmas break, and discovered that the top pivot of my rear mech (Shimano Deore) has almost seized up - it'll pivot with some effort. So I went to take it off to have a closer look, and the bolt was the same - not quite seized up, but not far off. I did get it off eventually. The bolt threads and the threads in the hanger are fine, but the bolt will hardly turn within the pivot. I'll be blown if I can get it back on.

Any suggestions if/how I can free it up? Or is it down to the shop for a new one? (hope not, I'll go crazy if I have to wait til next payday to ride my bike :( )


  • Start with WD-40, Is good for freeing seized parts (Not to be used as a lubricant) Re lub with TF2
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    When I had this problem last year, I soaked the mech in a bath of warm engine oil for 30 minutes. Sorted.
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    You can remove the bolt from within the mech - think there is a circlip or washer holding it in place. That will then allow you to lube it but the warm oil as per above sounds as good an idea.
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    I'd go for the diesel bath and then in a thicker oil once everythings working again,

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