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Cheap comfy bikes

Ph!l_GeeWhizzPh!l_GeeWhizz Posts: 28
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Found myself doing more road riding than off road and to be honest i think i'd benefit from a better bike than my 19 year old diamond back mountian bike with semi slick tyres!
Trouble is i do get a bit of back trouble, not so much from cycling but just general lifting and twisting.
I'd like a road bike but hear alot about them being "back breakers" ? Can you get a back friendly road bike or would i be better of with a hybrid bike do you think. Oh, got to be cheap too and reliable. I know the term " you get what you pay for" which has made me think along the lines of a picking up a used bike.
Looking forward to doing some distance next year with hopefully a few charity rides and i really do need something else than my current trusty steed. Any help and advice would be gratefully appriciated, Thanks.


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Hi Phil, when you say "cheap", have you got a specific budget in mind? Models like the Synapse, Secteur and Roubaix spring to mind but a lot depends on what you are are looking to spend...
    Also, perhaps some clarification about your back may help. Lower back problems, Upper back or a bit of everything?

    I am definitely not an expert myself but suspect your answers may help the chaps to suggest some right answers...
  • Hi Phil
    Ive got a dodgy back and mine always feel much better if i ride regular. Dont know where you got the "back breaker" bit from. My back cracker says cycling is very good for backs and it seems to work for mine and i ride a road bike.
  • Just heard a few people relate road bikes to being "back breakers". Not riden one before so couldnt comment but the last thing i want to do is buy a road bike and find its cripling me. Thats why i thought i'd be better off with a more upright riding position but seen a few road bike reviews recently with a more relaxed looking frame, mainly the specialized bikes.
    Dont really have bother with my current ride but am running a relaxed set-up but want a bike to be able to do some long rides on and the diamond back just wont cut it.
  • Oh and its mainly lower back problems i have.
    As for budget, the cheaper the better but relise "you get what you pay for" which is why i'm mainly looking at used bikes but there are a few good split payment deals about that are very tempting!!
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