New Bike Tomorrow - Few Questions.....

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I pick up my first MTB, infact my first bike in over 20 years tomorrow after taking advantage of the C2W scheme (and saving fuel on my car/weekend labour of love!).

The Bike

I know this may sound odd after buying a MTB - bear in mind it will be used only for a 10 mile commute a few times a week and the occasional weekend run (so far anyway), but where possible I would like to keep the appearance in good order and thought of some form of frame protection.

I stumbled across the one below - anyone used it, or is there better kits or alternatives? ... -pack.html

Also, I have ordered a set of Cateye Lights, Fr/re Mudguards, U-Lock, Tool Kit/Puncture Repair Kit/Pump, Helmet and picking some Chain Lube etc tomorrow when picking it up.

Also need to pick up some hooks to store it in the garage hanging from the roof (to allow the car and bike in).

Is there anything else I should consider?

Thanks in advance for you time reading this.