Best online store?

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What gets your vote for favourite online store and which has the best sale so far?!


  • kingrollo
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    cheapest isn't always best when buying on line. Unless its massively cheaper I tend to buy through wiggle - because they don't fart about with returns - and refund postage for faulty goods - I know they are legally obliged to do this - but some stores make it hard work.

    I also like rutland cycling, but have only used them a couple of time.
  • jswba
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  • Wiggle for me, they are absolutely no hassle at all to deal with.

    I have learnt my lesson by looking for cheap options and cannot be bothered to waste time on the phone or in front of the pc chasing up orders, just click and forget then wait for it to arrive.
  • bobtbuilder
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    CRC for an overall mix of cost / product range.

    Prendas for service.

    GB Cycles sale looks pretty good if they have what you want.
  • Chain Reaction
    Parker International
    Cycle Clothing
  • Your LBS
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  • Wiggle, Parker and Chain reaction for me. My LBS isn't very good, hence I don't bother unless it's for small things and I'm desperate.
  • maddog 2
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    in no particular order:

    CRC -
    range: massive
    prices: very good
    service: very good
    website: excellent

    Wiggle -
    range: pretty good
    prices: good
    service: very good
    website: excellent

    Merlin -
    range: limited
    prices: very good
    service: good
    website: okay

    dotbike -
    range: good
    prices: so-so
    service: very good
    website: good

    Ribble are cheap too, especially with the current 20% off deal. Service is generally good, with the odd exception.
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  • Problem with Ribble is that although you can find some bargains, the item you want is rarely in stock!
  • Smokin Joe
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    Problem with Ribble is that although you can find some bargains, the item you want is rarely in stock!

    I have spent a fair bit with Ribble this year, on all sorts of stuff. Absolutely faultless service, and everything was in stock.


    No particular order, they've all been spot on with their service. :wink:
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  • Funnily enough, after my previous comment regarding Ribble, I had a nosey on their site and got a great deal on a new chain and a nice set of pedals, but I still stand by what I said. Sometimes, they can be very frustrating!
  • chip42
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    Only used them once but a company called Fudge, in London,cracking deals on alll SRAM gear and very quick service.