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Dragon Ride Entry Problem

Anyone else noticed that the Dragon Ride entry does not appear to be by secure server?

I'll just be putting my credit card details into that then.
It doesn't get any easier, but I don't appear to be getting any faster.


  • yep, have sent an email and won't be doing it till they sort that out.
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  • I think you'll find that it's because the entry form is in a secure page that's inserted into the main Dragon frame. Look at the page source.

    So it appears to be insecure, but in fact is secure.
  • Clicking on any part of the inserted page also shows as unencrypted. I appreciated that the insert might be the thing causing the issue. But it's a concern. So I'll wait to see what their response is.
    My blog: (kit reviews and other musings)
    Facebook? No. Just say no.
  • All transactions are secure, as mentioned above, it's because the online entry page is embedded into the website that the padlock symbol doesn't appear.

    Active Network assure all entrants that site security is second to none.

    We ran exactly the same system last year, with no security issues reported.

    Entries as of midday on the 28th - 1200.
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